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Your Paintballing Day

When you arrive at Undersiege Paintball you will be greeted by one of our paintball marshals, you will then be taken to our base camp and sign in area where you will be issued with our camouflage paintball overalls, protective gloves & padded balaclavas.


We then get your group some consent forms, which must be completed and signed. If you are between 11 and 18 years old then your parent or guardian must countersign your form. Help yourself to our free tea & coffee as we gather all the forms from your group members. Once this is done we will sign your group in and issue you with ammo belts containing the amount of paintballs from your selected package, and our protective goggle systems.  We also have extra body armour for those who’d like it.   We’ll then ask you to divide your group into two teams and the games manager will then give all players a full safety brief. After the safety talk your group will be taken to the game fields and issued with paintball guns.


Then the fun begins...


Our team of Games Managers and Marshals will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the Undersiege Paintball park.  All games and scenarios are fully explained before play commences and we’ve got a whole host of game zones containing bunkers, trenches, bomb holes, army vehicles, ancient statues, forts, pill boxes, bridges, streams, a ‘Nam village and gun towers. Each game lasts between 10 and 25 minutes with a break between each game so you can clean up, re-load, discuss team tactics and share your action-packed paintballing stories with your friends.  


Each game area has a protective netted safety zone, so if you happen to get shot out of the game, you simply go to the safe area where you can have a breather without worrying about your friends taking sneaky pot shots at you from the game field. Our friendly and experienced games managers and marshals will be at hand ensuring games run smoothly and safely for your maximum enjoyment.


If you’ve gone for a full day package then we stop for lunch at around 12 o’clock and take you back to base camp where you’ll be given your free lunch and a drink. After the lunch break we get you back on site for more adrenaline-fuelled adventure.


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