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Undersiege Paintball Newcastle

Paintballing Newcastle


Undersiege Paintball is about 20 miles south west of Newcastle, nestled in the hills of the Durham Dales.  Getting here from Newcastle is easy (download directions here) and usually traffic free whether you're coming from Jesmond, Byker, Heaton, Wallsend or North Shields.  That means you’ll arrive in a nice chilled-out frame of mind for the ultimate Newcastle Paintballing Experience!


Undersiege Paintball for Newcastle

We’re not too far from Newcastle, but as you become immersed in the adrenaline-fueled craziness that is paintball, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world.  You’ll totally get to escape the stress of your world and experience the fun of ours.  Our Newcastle Paintball Centre is set in woodland against the backdrop of dramatic countryside, but you’ll find yourself in Vietnam Villages, conquering forts, taking back hostages and launching defensive missiles.  All of this with a bunch of your mates, running around woodland in camouflage overalls, with a paintball gun.  Epic.


How to Book for Paintballing near Newcastle

You can book for our Newcastle Paintball Centre by visiting our contact page, calling us on 01388 731 777 or emailing us at

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