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During your paintballing day you could play up to 14 paintballing games.  Here are a few scenarios you might yourself getting to grips with…


A nice and easy game for starters just to get the adrenaline pumping: The aim of the game is to shoot out all of the opposition players and secure the game zone. If there are any opposition players left when time is called then it is a draw - even if you have 6 players left and they only have 2. Complete elimination is the aim of the game!


This one is a classic: there are two flags, one in each base. You have to storm the opposition base and capture their flag without touching or moving your own flag. Remember to keep it well guarded!


Yup, same scenario as above except, after storming the opposition's base and capturing their flag you have to rush it safely back to your own base to win.


This is a fast & furious game. There's only one flag, this time in the middle of the game zone. Both teams have to try and capture it and run it into enemy territory. It's a bit like rugby or American football, except with paintball guns!! The team with the most territory (marked by the flag) at the end of the game wins.


During this game, each team's desperate search for fuel leads them to a `Nam style village. Under heavy opposition fire, they must search for, locate and recover the fuel cells, taking them back to base camp. This has to be done quickly as there is only a limited supply of cells!! The team with most fuel cells in their base camp at the end of the game wins… Of course, you have to be on guard at all times - if the opposition happen to come across your base camp they may try and steal your fuel…stay alert!!!


The flip of a coin decides which team starts at the top of Hamburger hill and which one starts at the bottom. The bottom team have to mount a heart-stopping charge up the hill to raise the yellow flag. If the flag hasn't been raised when time is called, the top team wins.


One team has to choose one of its players to be "The Hunted". Equipped with a hi-vis. jacket, this player is to be hunted down by the opposing team and shot out of the game. The Hunted has to be kept safe at all costs so you have to use your wits and your cunning. If The Hunted is not shot down in the given time, then the team to whom The Hunted belongs wins!


Great fun for stag and hen days.
Great fun for stag and hen days.All players (except the stag!) go off into forest and find a good position from which they can blast at their deer old pal! After the big countdown, hunting season begins and the Stag is released into the wild, with or without a gun - his choice depending on whether he wants to take on the whole lot of you or just run like the clappers and get it all over with. When the stag reaches the end of the forest the game stops….Great fun for everyone involved!!!


It's all in the name! One team has to defend the fort while another team attacks it. The attacking team must take out the enemy defence, storm the fort and raise the flag in order to win.


Each team has to choose one player to be their medic. When players are shot they have to make their way back to the medic to claim an extra life (tag the medic & wait 10 seconds then re-join game.) However there is a down side!: the medic only has one life - once he or she is shot out of the game, your team can no longer claim extra lives and the opposition can start taking out your team!! Once all of the players on one team have been eliminated the remaining team wins.

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